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Welcome to the Omni Packaging - Corrugated & Industrial Packaging page of our website, the complete online resource for all your corrugated and industrial packaging needs.

Omni Packaging provides a full range of corrugated packaging, from stock brown corrugated boxes all the way to custom corrugated shipping boxes, die-cuts, partitions & pads in single, double and triple-wall boards. Omni Packaging also provides stock and custom labels, fiber tubes, mailers, corner boards, custom molded pulp, and a wide variety of industrial packaging and shipping supplies.

Environmentally Safe Corrugated Packaging

More than one hundred years ago, corrugated packaging made its entrance in the world of packaging and has since proven to be an efficient, safe way of transporting goods and materials. Through the natural character of corrugated packaging, Omni Packaging provides environmentally friendly solutions that favorably impact the world of packaging.

Reduce Manufacturing & Handling Costs with Corrugated Packaging

As Corrugated Packaging protects products during storage, transportation and handling, it is obvious that corrugated packaging will usually be found wherever goods are displayed or shipped. Product protection and package appeal are an important function of corrugated packaging, as it has become a necessary component in helping business reduce manufacturing and handling costs.

Molded Pulp, Tapes, Bubble Wrap, Mailers, Fiber Tubes, Labels & More…

Molded Pulp is a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive alternative to void-fill and polystyrene inner packaging. Custom molded pulp provides product shock and impact protection, while affording space-savings compared to alternative inner packaging. Industrial Packaging includes stretch and shrink films, miscellaneous tapes, strapping, bubble wrap, mailers, fiber tubes and labels.

As Omni Packaging is committed to quality, value and extraordinary customer service, we have earned a reputation as the company to trust. If you are in the market for high quality corrugated and industrial packaging, Omni Packaging can help you choose the perfect solution for your packaging needs.


Corrugated/Industrial Packaging

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