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Welcome to the Omni Packaging Chipboard and Folding Cartons page of our website, the complete online resource for all your Chipboard and Folding Carton packaging needs.

As leading providers of Chipboard and Folding Cartons, Omni Packaging can assist you in designing Chipboard and Folding Carton packaging for your company’s products. From the initial concept, through the design phase all the way to delivery, we make sure to provide you with the ideal chipboard or folding carton packaging for your needs. Whether your requirements are simply for a small project or your attention is on a huge endeavor, we work closely with our clients to ensure all special packaging needs are addressed.

Choosing Chipboard or Folding Cartons

Chipboard Packaging is a material made from compressed paper. Typically Chipboard Packaging is utilized in non-consumer type applications although it is effectively used for partitions and small or rigid boxes. Folding Cartons generally employ a similar style and structure as Chipboard Packaging, but instead are often used in cereal boxes, many grocery items as well as some cosmetics, where package appeal is of importance. Omni Packaging makes available both stock and custom chip board packaging and folding cartons in various calipers, materials, coatings and laminations for both industrial and retail applications. Custom printing is available in GCMI, PMS and 4-color process options.

Set-Up Boxes, Cartons, SBS

Whether the market you serve is related to food, health, beauty, pharmaceutical or industrial, Omni Packaging will help to assure that your product gets to the marketplace in a timely, attractive manner. Whether your need is for Chip Board Cartons, Set-Up Boxes, or Folding Cartons, we make sure that you are informed of appropriate sizing, style and strength of packaging before we start on your project. Plus we guarantee that throughout the operations stage, we’ll work with you until you’re fully satisfied.

Omni Packaging is committed to quality, value and extraordinary customer service earning Omni Packaging a reputation as the company to trust. If you are in the market for high quality chipboard or folding cartons, Omni Packaging can help you choose exactly what you require.


Chipboard Folding Carton

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