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In our effort to provide you with the best packaging products available, we are proud to introduce you to Omni Packaging where we invite you to step up to a new level of value. As you consider the importance of effective packaging, it makes great sense that the protection and appeal of a product’s packaging should be of primary concern to every business. In fact, custom packaging is one of the most crucial elements to the success of product protection and presentation. Whether your packaging need is for Flexible Plastics, Corrugated, Industrial Packaging, Rigid Plastics, Foam, Chipboard or Folding Cartons, Omni Packaging provides strategic ideas and innovative custom solutions that are unparalleled in the packaging industry. Presenting a wide array of Stock, Custom or Contract Packaging at affordable pricing, Omni Packaging helps companies realize a profitable return for their packaging investment.

Why Choose Omni Packaging?

Because our customers always come first, we never compromise our extraordinary customer service nor do we overlook the importance of quality in regard to boxes, cartons, films, tapes and various protective packaging items and accessories. Plus our sales staff is available to offer personalized service for every packaging order. Since 1990, Omni Packaging has been designing, converting and distributing custom as well as stock packaging products to customers throughout North America. With a broad client base in the Automotive, Medical, Consumer Goods, Food, Machinery, Warehouse/Distribution, Electronics and Retail Industries, Omni Packaging is proud of its reputation for helping major organizations and companies reach their packaging goals. Omni Packaging guarantees to meet its customer’s packaging needs promptly, as we typically provide immediate shipment on a variety of packaging materials.
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As your one-stop source for all your packaging needs, Omni Packaging provides a level of knowledge, expertise and experience that is without equal. Given that packaging is created according to a company’s particular needs and specifications, Omni Packaging is committed to providing innovative solutions that favorably impact sales at every level. If you require assistance in developing a packaging solution that meets your production demands, Omni Packaging has the answer! When you’re ready to step up to a higher level of value, you can count on Omni Packaging to fulfill all your packaging needs. Join the thousands of satisfied companies already taking advantage of our cost effective approach to packaging.


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